Quotes from Ikram
I dont understand why you will need a coder to do something for you, why not code a server by urself, there will be a lack of missunderstanding....it just get's compilcated when your with a team coders coding on the same class files, you dont know whos done what and what they havent done.

Just beacuse Jagex have a development team doesnt mean that we need them, and that's a completley diffrent matter as all the jagex coders & programmers are are coding from Jagex HQ pc's or there given laptops which saves it directley though Jagex's Database, and im pretty sure you wouldnt want to see a whole database just for sharing class files between a few people.
Basically the stiring class is the class in java which is used to create string objects.
It is used to help you find the infomation about the certain string represented by the string class, i will know show you the main string methods and each description on them.

char charAt (int) - returns the char value at a given index

int compareTo (String) - this compares two different strings, it uses alphabetical order, so -1 would be before the string, 0 is if the strings are the same and 1 if the string comes after another one.

int compareToIgnoreCase (String) - this is the same as CompareTo but doesnt use cases etc.

boolean contains (CharSequence) - true / false depending on the string.

boolean endsWith (String) - this is true if the string ends with a parameter string.

boolean equals (String) - returns if it has the same value.

A whole class just to mange a database? this can be done though server.java hence Md5.